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Masra Tech is a Christian based company dedicated to providing high quality, affordable and customized technology solutions to companies and home users in Southern California. We specialize in working with small businesses with less than 50 employees.

About Us

Unable to compromise our integrity, personal morals and belief systems for short term gain, we left our positions in the corporate world and founded Masra Tech in 2005. Our vision then, just as it is today, is to run a successful IT solutions and consulting firm that integrates our Christian belief system. That belief system is built on delivering ethical solutions that are done with integrity and honesty.

We Remove the Guesswork

Out of Your Company’s Computer Systems


Are you being held hostage? Many IT companies will hold clients hostage with outrageously high rates and low work quality. We don’t believe companies should be caught in this trap, and so it is important to us that our clients at Masra Tech receive our best effort at an affordable price.
Our team
The truth is we don’t see ourselves in the IT business, although that’s what we’re known for. We’re in a time-is-money based business. We take our clients IT issues as serious as we take our own business, which is why we only send Microsoft or Mac certified technicians.

Our Team

When you have Masra Tech handle your IT issues you can expect our Microsoft and Mac certified technicians to reduce: wasted hours, lost revenue, workstations crashing, and endless calls to your "Sytem Administrator."
Bryan Broussard
Bryan Broussard
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Kira Broussard
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Melissa Ronnie
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Gaurav Bhatia
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Let’s face it, if you’re anything like our clients you didn’t start your company to learn how to handle IT issues. But guess what? We did.

Below are some of our select Clients in no particular order.

  • Marquart Law Group
  • Prieto Construction
  • Robins Woodwork
  • Print-Pac Inc.
  • Simpson & Simpson
  • Roybal Properties
  • TNT Enterprises
  • Architectural Finishing Solutions
  • Diversified Business Solutions
  • Orange County Musician's Association
  • Gamut Distributors
  • Supreme Abrasives
  • Form 5500 Connect
  • Western Pavers
  • Checks & Balances
  • Graphitti Designs