3D Print Phone Charger, A Cute Robot, or Watch A Dancing 3D Printed Robot!


Big Mamma, The Intel’s Dancing Spiderbot

Big Mamma is Intel’s latest 3D printed dancing robot. Big Mamma, the spiderbot, showed off Intel’s technology at the recent Intel Developer Forum event. With a Core i7 processor and RealSense camera for the eyes Big Mamma busted some serious dance moves to Uptown Funk with several smaller robots around her.

Big Mamma’s friendly look and dancing skills may be reminiscent of the “Monsters” movie villain, but we have hope for even friendlier robots built using conductive filament. 🙂

Learn more about Big Mamma, the dancing robot

3D Print an Extremely Small Phone Charger!

Have you ever run out of battery on your phone at just the wrong time? The Nipper, world’s smallest phone charger, will help you never experience this again! The Nipper’s main advantage is its size: only 17mm x 17mm x 17mm big (0.669 inches), and its weight of 10 g (0.35 Oz) is also impressive. It means the phone charger fits almost anywhere – including in your pocket or on your keychain, which allows you to charge your phone when all else fails.

Its slightly slow charging, which the company claims requires 30 minutes for 10% of your phone’s battery is better than nothing. To use the Nipper, you first have to obtain 2 AA batteries. Three neodymium magnets will hold those batteries together and also make the connection to the circuit board.

Unfortunately, only the case of the Nipper is 3D printed.


Learn more about the Nipper

MultiFab, 3D Printer Capable of Printing in 10 Materials in A Single Object

We’ve said since first releasing Functionalize F-Electric that diversity of materials is critical to realizing 3D printing’s full potential. That’s why MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory’s new 3D printer is an important contribution to 3D printing’s future.

MultiFab can print up to 10 materials in a single object and even add other parts to the design. The printer uses 3D scanner and machine vision to track the object being printed and adjusts the process and materials based on it. Surprisingly, MultiFab’s production costs were approximately $7,000.


Learn more about MultiFab here, or from its original paper

3D Print A Cute Canbot

Attiny canbot is a cute robot with 3D printed shells and wheels that moves by rolling. You can send commands to it by infrared signal from modified TV remote control. The robot also possess an ultrasonic sensor for autonomous driving. Besides its 3D printed components, Attiny canbot has sensors, battery, ultrasonic sensor, and electronics.

It would be really fun to simplify its assembly with highly conductive filament Functionalize F-Electric!


Learn more about the 3D printed canbot or download the design files

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