3D Print Lamps, Flashlights, or Breadboards: Weekly News Roundup 8/9/-8/16


3D print a lamp with a novel filament!

Now you can 3D print a soft-glow lamp to match your interior with ECO3D, a PLA, light-diffusion filament from VIVASA design. Made with biodegradable additives, ECO3D promises to evenly and smoothly distribute light, combined with F-Electric, it is an ideal choice for your 3D printed lighting.


Learn more about the ECO3D filament

A 3D printed blow-powered flashlight

Tim Cho from South Korea combined a “blow-powered” flashlight, generating power from the strength of your lungs. You blow into it, and on comes the light. His design includes 15 components and takes approximately 7-1/2 hours of 3D printing. You will also need other electronic parts, including: coils, magnets, a bridge rectifier, an LED, wires, and more.


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Create electronics with a 3D printed breadboard

Les Hall, a 30 year breadboarding veteran, created the first 3D printed breadboard with conductive snap clips. Using 3D printing, you can create the perfect shape or size you need to prototype your electronic design. Combined with F-Electric gives you a lot of prototyping power.


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