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Highly Conductive FilamentF-Electric-PLA

At 0.75 ohm•cm volume resistivity, Functionalize F-Electric™ makes it easy to 3D print circuits, buttons, sensors, power connectors, and other electrical components right inside your 3D prints on popular, PLA-compatible filament printers.

F-Electric is nanotube-based material, manufactured using Functionalize’s patent-pending process and materials, resulting in a highly conductive composite filament that prints smoothly and without warping.

F-Electric is available in both 1.75mm and 3mm diameter filament, and prints well at typical PLA printing temperatures of about 215-230°C. You can print F-Electric either with or without a heated bed set to temperatures under 70°C.

F-Electric Specifications:

F_flashlight_white backgroundVolume resistivity: 0.75 ohm•cm

Material composition: Carbon nano-tube based PLA filament

Key mechanical properties: Improvements between 3-10% in flexural modulus and tensile strength (stronger than PLA). Overall, F-Electric prints well, has good dimensional stability and prints without warping. After printing, the conductive material feels stiff, yet strong.

Storage and handling requirements: Keep the conductive filament as dry as possible and store under dry conditions. When not in use, keep F-Electric in its original bag or a re-sealable bag with the original desiccant packet.

Chemical compatibility: F-Electric bonds best to PLA, but it will also print with and bond to ABS, PVA (for removable supports), and low temperature PET filaments, such as Taulman’s PET-G.

3D printer settings and compatibility: F-Electric is compatible with most filament-based 3D printers, including MaketBot, LeapFrog, Airwolf, Lulzbot, Flashforge, and many others.

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