Functionalize Breaks Another World Record for Electrically Conductive 3D Filament!

Seattle, WA – April 2, 2015 – Functionalize announced today it had beaten its promised electrical specification by 25% and has begun customer shipments of F-Electric, the world’s most conductive 3D printing filament. Being the first plastic filament to enable printing of circuit boards, flashlights, lighted wearables, and more, F-Electric has made the promise of functional part printing a reality. Functionalize announced that its final production material would have a resistance of 0.75 ohm*cm and that F-Electric’s mechanical strength was better than its previous beta material, as well as virgin PLA.

Speaking at the 2nd Additive Disruption Summit in Santa Clara, CA, Mike Toutonghi, CEO and Founder of Functionalize, Inc. said the company and its manufacturing partner Protoparadigm, manufacturer of broad range of premium 3D printing filaments, had done a fantastic job delivering on the goal of shipping by late March. “We’re super excited that were we able to get our process into production and ship in March. More than that, we’re pleased to deliver a product to customers that exceeds both our electrical and mechanical property goals.

Since its introduction, availability of F-Electric has been on a limited, sample-only basis. Still, a few creative folks have designed some very interesting 3D printed electronics projects. From a new twist on Functionalize’s original flashlight design, printed on a single-head printer by Mosaic Manufacturing to a fully 3D printed robot design being worked on by Adrian Bowyer, CEO of RepRapPro, Ltd., UK and founder of the RepRap project, early customers are giving a glimpse of what the future holds for embedding plastic electronics in printed parts.
“Imagine the possibility of today’s 3D printed prosthetics being able to sense pressure through conductive pads in their fingertips, printable robots that people could share and improve, or active wearables as creative as their maker,” said Toutonghi. “We’re excited to be at the beginning of this trend. Shipping F-Electric is a historic milestone for Functionalize for our company and our customers. We’ve provided a new tool, and I can’t wait to see what creative people can do with it.”

F-Electric filament is available via

About Functionalize

Functionalize is focused on creating breakthrough 3D printing materials and technologies that allow anyone to go from concept to functional product to help catalyze the next wave of the personal industrial revolution. The companies first invention, F-Electric, makes it easy to 3D print circuits, buttons, power connectors, and more; right inside your plastic prints. For more information visit, or join us on Facebook follow us on Twitter.

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