Functionalize is seeking partnerships with businesses, educational institutions, maker groups and many others. Below is the list of partner categories.

Schools and Universities

We believe that schools and educators will help lead the Personal Industrial Revolution by working with and educating students on how create new 3D printable products, learning about entrepreneurship, and starting new businesses, and more. 

Functionalize offers educators, schools and universities special discounted educational rates on its patent-pending materials.  See the ‘Educators’ section in our product catalog, and if you’re an educator, or your school or university is interested in working with Functionalize, please contact us.


Product Builder / Makers Clubs

Let’s face it, Functionalize is built upon the principle of enabling product creators to rapidly build entire new classes of 3D printable products.  Consequently we want to work with and support Product Builders / Makers Clubs — worldwide.   If your “Makers Club” or organization is interested in working with Functionalize, please contact us.


Stores and Channel Distribution Partners

Functionalize also plans to sell is products and materials through selected stores and channel distribution partners.  If your store or business sells to specific industry segments that you believe will be interested in purchasing Functionalize products and materials please contact us.


3D Printer Companies

Needless to say, Functionalize intends to work closely with 3D printer manufacturers in order to ensure that Functionalize materials work optimally on all 3D printer types.  If you’re a 3D printer manufacturer we’re interested in speaking with and working with you!  So please contact us.


3D Filament Producers

3D Filament Producers are a natural fit for utilizing Functionalize materials with their products.   If you’re a 3D Filament Producer please contact us.


Vertical Industry Product Builders

We believe that opportunities to utilize Functionalize materials to build new products and services is almost limitless. Therefore we’re seeking partners in vertical industry segments for example, home and commercial product builders, medical products, aerospace, automotive, electronics and much more. If you can dream it, we can collectively, “Make It Work”. So please contact us.



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