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Today’s personal 3D printers create inert objects out of a variety of colors and textures of plastic. To make 3D printed objects truly functional, usually means adding circuits, power supplies, wires, and more.

Functionalize intends to be a catalyst of the Personal Industrial Revolution through the development of next generation 3D printing materials and technologies.

Based on our advanced nanomaterials production process, we are proud to announce our first product called Functionalize F-Electric. F-Electric is 1,000 times more electrically conductive than today’s best conductive 3D filament. It’s the first thermoplastic material capable of carrying enough power to light up LEDs or make things move; thereby enabling product creators to 3D print complete electrical circuits, sockets, switches, buttons and connectors, directly into 3D printed structures.

Our mission is to enable millions of creative people to easily turn their dreams and ideas into high-quality, functional products. Where the only factory needed is a personal 3D printer!
There’s lots more to come, so please “stay tuned” and follow us for the latest information.

Mike Toutonghi
CEO, Founder and Chief Scientist



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